RARA Marketplace

RARA has built the world’s first decentralized marketplace for Mystery Boxes, allowing for both the trading of dropped treasures and of IP’s inside unlocked boxes, as well as potentially the trading of unboxed boxes in the future.

Each IP that you unlock in a Mystery Box is an NFT with a unique digital signature and a sale price associated with it. RARA farm’s rarity level of NFTs and unlocked treasures lend the whole marketplace a unique NFT valuation system that has not yet been done on any other NFT marketplaces.

As you can select and open mystery boxes on the Farm, attracting rare treasures that earn you more RARA, and unlocking rare NFT’s that only RARA holders can possess, you have the opportunity to sell or trade them on the Mystery Box Marketplace. All treasures that you open on the farm are inherently valuable once obtained and each has a listed sale price, meaning they can be sold, swapped and traded at any time through the marketplace on the site. The listed sale prices of pets and of all NFT treasures are always changing so traders can speculate on their worth and buy, sell, and hold accordingly for profit on the marketplace.

In later development you can also choose not to open your mystery boxes, but sell the boxes directly on the marketplace. RARA is the first to provide such a function, which is especially useful for value enhancing in secondary market on occasions like limited time offerings of IP boxes.

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