Mystery Box

There are two types of mystery boxes that exist on the RARA platform - IP Boxes and System Boxes.

System Box

A System Boxes are a mystery box generated by RARA as a homegrown NFT series to showcase the gamification experience. Each System Box unlocks either a rare pet (Zebra, Shibu, or Possum) or a food item (Zebra Flower, Shiba Rice, Possum Fruit) to collect in bulk in order to attract a rare pet. Once a user has a rare pet NFT in their possession, they have the option to stake their NFT and earn more RARA per block as they now get a proportional piece of the System Farm token emission. Each system box NFT has its corresponding hash power by which the System Farm would calculate the reward share

IP Box

IP Boxes are transferable digital assets (NFTs) co-published by the platform and talented IP owners (such as artists and creators), and these types of mystery boxes that are more common in the marketplace. Each has a value associated with it via its sale price and can be traded and sold on the marketplace once owned

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