RARA's Revenue Model

RARA has a multifaceted revenue strategy that runs on steady consistent income channels that are organically baked into the platform. RARA receives revenue for each IP Box and System Box that is purchased by users on the site. Most of that income goes toward burning RARA, and the balance goes to the platform as a fee. IP Boxes and System Boxes will all have the same price to begin but in the future each box can have an individualized price pegged to the nature of rarity for what is unlockable within it. The DAO and the RARA team will cast mystery box classifications for IPs such as ordinary, rare, and precious in the future to further incent trading on the Marketplace which will earn the platform trading fee revenue.

For IP authorization acquisition, RARA will both pay and profit-split with artists and talented IPs to list their works and creations on the platform inside Mystery Boxes. When users pay to obtain a mystery box with their RARA token, part of those RARA token proceeds are shared back with the artist and IP for that particular work. Different pricing structures will classify different rarities for IPs in mystery boxes.

Holding treasures such as rare pets from unlocked mystery boxes also earn you more RARA through a share of the System Farm emissions each bock, so through mystery box gamification, the platform becomes a fully sustainable ecosystem.

The utility of RARA tokens also goes beyond staking and purchasing NFTs and treasures through mystery boxes, as holding RARA gives you voting power in the platform’s DAO. In this way, a self-contained RARA token-economic system is formed to ensure the utility and value of RARA token.

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