RARA is the NFT value discovery system where amazing NFTs go viral and get discovered. Through the combination of gamified mystery box mechanism and expansive NFT marketplace, we usher in a brand new era for NFT fans.

The RARA mission is to bring the world’s best artists, brands, and IP’s to the largest global audience of buyers in the most user friendly way by tapping into the power of a fully gamified NFT issuance, acquisition, and ownership experience.

The inherent value of the RARA system comes from the immutability and the hierarchy of rarity of its mystery boxes and its own homegrown DEX where IPs, treasures, and tokens all can be traded together in one place for the first time.

The Creation of RARA

RARA is Latin for “rare”, a fitting moniker for a token that serves as the global gateway to discover the most creative, luxurious, and valuable NFTs, while the RARA token, which powers RARA, serves as the primary means of unlocking unique NFT creations through Mystery boxes, and the main token accepted on the largest NFT marketplaces for paying for rare artistic items via deep discounts.

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